Wilberfoss Parish Council


Wilberfoss is well served by East Yorkshire Motor Services and has a host of bus stops. Further details are available here.


Please click here for WPC's policy on the A1079

Parking - on road parking is available in almost all areas of the village.

Parking on footpaths

Please don't park on footpaths! It blocks the footpath for pedestrians and is dangerous if it forces buggies/wheelchair users onto the road.  The roads in Wilberfoss aren't that narrow so please park considerately.


Information on Roadworks

From pothole repairs to works by utility companies, work in roads and footpaths is necessary in order to keep the country running. Accessible up-to-date information is important for parishes to know what is happening in their area, and to residents and motorists, allowing them to plan their journeys.

Following a trial last year, the East Riding of Yorkshire council has signed up to the Elgin system which provides roadworks information. To see what is going on in the East Riding, and for further information, visit  www.roadworks.org


Another travel reporting website, that provides users with the most up-to-date road traffic information is www.frixo.com