Wilberfoss Parish Council

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Please do not let your dog foul the pavement - we have seen increased levels of dog poo around certain areas and have reported this to the ERYC dog warden

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Roundabout petition  - at a recent meeting with ERYC the council agreed to re-visit record keeping of accidents at the Wilberfoss Western Junction. This is the first step towards proving there is a problem and them getting a solution.
So if you see an accident at the junction please email the Clerk with full details.
The ongoing petition can be found here.

NEW Bus shelter installed - following your feedback we have now installed a bus shelter at the stop on the Yorkbound side of the A1079.

We are looking for funding for a shelter on Cherry Hill that will be in keeping with the rural feel of the village and will keep you posted.



The Parish Council has an Action Plan for projects it wishes to undertake - but what do you want for Wilberfoss? Let us know your views please!

Parish Council news also appears in the Wilberfoss Newsletter - please click here for details.

If you feel there is something you would wish to let the Parish Community know about, then please contact us