Wilberfoss Parish Council

Wilberfoss has several footpaths in the Parish - check out the map here.

With almost 1,000 miles (over 1500 km) of public rights of way in the East Riding a complex web of footpaths, bridleways and byways is available for public enjoyment. They offer the most significant opportunity for relaxation and make a major contribution to health and welfare through healthy recreation and exercise.

Visit the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's W@lking the Riding for further details or try visiting the Walking in Yorkshire website.

Introducing the "Wilberfoss Wander"

Wilberfoss Wander is the name for a short (~1.3 mile) walk around the countryside near the village. It takes in public rights of way and permissible paths in a tranquil circular route starting from the Church. We've produced a guide for you to download (why not save it to your smartphone to save paper?). Enjoy the sunshine - go for a wander!


Geocaching is a fun pastime where you follow your device's GPS and hunt for small hidden (or "cached") items - then sign your name to say you found it. It makes a walk more fun and interesting.

Someone has set up several geocaches in Wilberfoss and details can be found here if you want to try and find them! (NB WPC accepts no responsibility for 3rd party websites)