Wilberfoss Parish Council

ERYC Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

ERYC has a Flood Risk Management Strategy here.

As a parish, Wilberfoss has produced an emergency plan to cover certain eventualities. We are working on resource to update this plan and anyone who wishes to contribute should please contact us. We would especially be interested to hear from any Parishioners who would like to form a Flood Action Group for the village to build on the work the Parish Council has thus far conducted and to increase the resilience of the parish to flooding, whatever the cause.

*** Please note that the plan dates to 2011 and is due to be reviewed when resources permit. All stocks of sands/bags/sheeting were used in 2012 and no further stocks are available from the PC ***


Wilberfoss has suffered minor flood damage in the past few years, the last time being 2015 where thankfully no serious damage was done.

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St John the Baptist Church (Photo: Keith Laverack)

Events log (for use during an emergency)

All feedback/suggestions welcome.