Wilberfoss Parish Council


York Marathon - 11th October 2015

There will be road closures near Wilberfoss for the York Marathon - see here for details.

New ideas for the Citizen Link building?

ERYC are decommissioning the Citizen Link building outside the Community Centre - and have asked if we have a use for it.  Wilberfoss in Bloom have suggested a tool store, but do you have a different use in mind? If so please let us know.

We have had several reports of inconsiderate driving on Birker Lane and would ask that all road users ensure they do so in a safe manner with due regard to other users - be they pedestrians, cyclists or car drivers. Thank you.





Please don't drop litter on Cherry Hill - we are working with ERYC to get this area cleared once and for all so please help us by removing rubbish and placing it in a bin. Thank you.



New Councillors

James Cann and Elaine Etherington have joined the Parish Council and this means we only have 1 more vacancy - do get in touch if you think you can fill it!



The gate has now been officially padlocked by East Riding Council. They have also agreed to maintain the grass verge on Storking Lane to allow dog walkers to transit safely to the gate further down; however as this is not an official path you do so at your own risk and are advised to take care. If in doubt, please go round via Ings Road.

It has come to the attention of Wilberfoss Parish Council that the paved area leading to the gated access off Storking Lane is privately owned. We would therefore respectfully request that residents use one of the three alternative access points to the amenity land (i.e., the kissing gate off Storking Lane, through Ings Road or via footpath 4 off Middlecroft). Thank you for your co-operation.

Wilberfoss Scarecrow Festival took place again on 5th and 6th September and raised over £1200 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Wilberfoss WI and the Community Centre.

The dates for 2016 will be announced once decided - we want to ensure the dates don't clash with any other local events.

Oddfellows Golf Society - Captain's Day 19th June

The Oddfellows Golf Society held its Captain's Day at Hessle Golf Club on 19th June - see here.

Photography competition


Thanks to all who entered - see you on the 12th at the WiB Garden Party for the results!

Wilberfoss Parish Council is running an open digital photo competition for all ages with categories as follows:

- Nature & Landscapes

- Animals

- People & Community

1.       The competition is open to all Wilberfoss Parishioners

2.       The photograph must be taken in Wilberfoss Parish

3.       Entries must either be emailed to wilberfossphotos@outlook.com or be posted to the WPC facebook page

4.       Pictures will be uploaded to the Parish Website and Facebook page and the winner will be announced at the WiB Garden Party on 12th July. Entries will hopefully be displayed onscreen in the Community Centre at that time.

5.       Prizes: Each category winner will receive a £25 cheque.

6.       WiB reserve the right to use any photographs submitted on their calendar.

7.       WPC reserve the right to display entries indefinitely on their website/facebook page.

8.       Closing date for entries is Monday 29th June 2015 at 5.00pm.

Good luck and get clicking!

Wolds Gliding Club

The Wolds Gliding club is offering a taster session on Sat 4th July. Full details here.




Annual Meetings in May

Minutes from the Annual Meetings can be found here. A summary of news can be found here.

Photography competition

The PC is running a digital photography completion - click here for full details and to see the entries!

The competition is a great way to test your skills as a photographer and a great way to entertain the kids and get them connecting with out great little community too!



A blooming marvellous bench!

Thanks to Mike Skelton for his fantastic bench celebrating Wilberfoss in Bloom's Gold Award in 2014.  The bench is at the bus stop opposite the Beck on Main Street.

Persimmon Homes - planning application submitted

Persimmon Homes have submitted their planning application for 44 homes north of Windmill Meadows. Click here to view it. If you wish to view comments then visit:


and follow the instructions. The reference number is: 15/00696/STPLF

See our Planning page for more details.

Accidents at the Village A1079 junctions

Have you been involved in or witnessed an accident at the Pocklington or York end junctions to the A1079 since March 2013? If so we need to hear from you.

ERYC Consultation on the Local Plan

A consultation on the Local Plan is running until 11th May - see our Planning page for the weblink.

ERYC Consultation on Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

ERYC is looking for views on managing the risk from flooding. If you wish to respond, or are interested in flooding issues in the parish please visit our Emergency Plan page.

Parish Council Elections - Thursday 7th May 2015

Do you have ideas on ways that Wilberfoss Parish can be further improved?

If so, then we would urge you to consider standing for election to the PC in the May elections.


Wilberfoss Parish Council - news from the April meeting

Planning & the A1079 - see the planning page for updates
Wilberfoss in Bloom are planning some events - click here for details
WPC voted to adopt the "Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities".

News from the March Parish Council Meeting

We have had several reports of inconsiderate driving on Birker Lane and would ask that all road users ensure they do so in a safe manner with due regard to other users - be they pedestrians, cyclists or car drivers. Thank you.

Ian McMillan is coming to Wilberfoss - 14th April @ 2pm

Ian McMillan is an English poet, journalist, playwright, and broadcaster. He is known for his strong and distinctive Barnsley-area accent and his characteristic manner of speech. Yorkshire born and bred, Ian is well-known to poetry lovers and radio listeners as the Bard of Barnsley. Ian has worked as Yorkshire TV’s Investigative Poet and Humberside Police’s Beat Poet. Ian hosts the weekly show The Verb on BBC Radio 3. He is also a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4. He will be visiting the travelling library next Tuesday, 14th April at 2.00 pm. Pop down and see him in action!

Wilberfoss Parish Council - news from the February meeting

Proposed Persimmon Development on Moorfield Way - much of the meeting was taken up by this - see here for full details.




Dog Poo - please keep your dog on a lead until it has done its business, then clean it up and dispose of it in a bin before letting Rover off for a run around. We have asked the ERYC Dog Warden to come to the Village to check on dog behaviour so please don't get caught out as it could cost you a lot as shown here.



Wilberfoss Parish Council - news from the January meeting

Your views are wanted! - The Parish Council is preparing an action plan of what it proposes to do in the forthcoming year and we would like you to have your say. Why not come to a meeting or contact the Clerk with your suggestions?

Speeding in the village - recent surveys by ERYC have highlighted some concerns over speeding on Storking Lane. Be warned that the Road Safety Team and Humberside Police will be monitoring this area - don't get caught speeding and please respect the speed limits, especially near the school.  Surveys on Main Street showed that by and large, drivers are respecting the speed limits so thank you and please continue to do so.

Parking on footpaths - please don't! It blocks the footpath for pedestrians and is dangerous if it forces buggies/wheelchair users onto the road.  The roads in Wilberfoss aren't that narrow so please park considerately.

Dog Poo - we've had reports that this is getting worse around the village - possibly due to dog owners not seeing their pets do their business in the dark. Please keep your dog on a lead until it has done its business, then clean it up and dispose of it in a bin before letting Rover off for a run around. We have asked the ERYC Dog Warden to come to the Village to check on dog behaviour so please don't get caught out as it could cost you a lot as shown here.

Vandalism in the Village

You will have seen on the Wilberfoss Parish Council Facebook page a report of vandalism in the playpark area.

In addition to the vandalism one of the cast iron/wood chairs was removed. This is a very heavy item and could not be removed easily.

if you see a chair similar to the one on the left please contact the Parish Clerk or the Police.

Please note: The chair was returned (or rather Dumped) yesterday, (thursday 19th June), next to the 5 a-side football field alongside the road leading to The Pavilion.

Did the person who committed the removal of the chair have a conscience !!!


Did you know that Toxocariasis is an infection caused by the larvae of parasitic worms —Toxocara canis and Toxocara cati that usually live in the intestines of dogs and cats?  Eggs from the worms pass into the faeces of dogs and cats and can contaminate pet areas around the home where kids play. The eggs can be swallowed by children, especially those who like to put things in their mouths and don't often wash their hands.  After entering the body, the eggs hatch into larvae that penetrate through walls of the digestive tract and may migrate to a child's liver, lungs, eyes, and elsewhere. Toxocariasis usually happens in young children ages 2 to 7, but can happen at any age. It can't be spread from person to person.  If you found this unpleasant to read then imagine how unpleasant it is when someone unwittingly brings it into their home on the bottom of their shoe.  An increasing amount of dog foul is being seen in areas of Wiberfoss including the playing fields where children play on a regular basis.  We have notified the Dog Warden at East Riding of Yorkshire Council and he will patrol the village on our behalf.  Don’t forget that a local resident was fined last year for neglecting to pick up their dog’s mess.

STOP PRESS: The Wilberfoss Jubilee Project launches its book, Tales of Wilberfoss Old and New.

The Wilberfoss Jubilee Project 2012 is a non profit-making community project, supported by the Parish Council, to celebrate the year of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics/Paralympics. It's a project for the people of Wilberfoss about the people of Wilberfoss . . .

Our village has been around since at least 1150 A.D. but we decided it was time to make our own history! With your help we have been creating a detailed and imaginative record of Wilberfoss and its residents during 2012 - a record, which speaks to future generations about our village and the people who lived in it during that historic year - as well as revisiting our village's unique history.

This has culminated in the launch, at our highly successful Coronation Jubilee Exhibition of our book, Tales of Wilberfoss Old and New.

See www.pocklingtonpost.co.uk/news/local/hundreds-turnout-for-wilberfoss-exhibition-and-book-launch-1-5728397 

Packed with insights into village history, recollections of our Jubilee year and photos old and new, this fascinating book will appeal to all with Wilberfoss at heart.

Priced at £10.00 per copy, perfect bound, with over 150 pages and over 130 photos, it sold over 200 copies within two days and has already attracted some glowing reviews:

"A fantastic read - I couldn't put it down" J.C.

"Great book. Compelling read. Loved it" V.G.

"The book is fabulous" L.H.

So pick up your copy while stocks last. As project expenses have now been covered, 100% of the proceeds of further book sales will be ploughed back into the community.

Tales of Wilberfoss Old and New is available from Costcutters and the Oddfellows Arms in Wilberfoss and Forth's and Simply Books, in Pocklington; or from any of the Project Organisers listed below.

Name  Tel:
David and Margaret Smith 380 961
Nick and Tomoko Olley    380 522
Pat Jones  380 597
Mick and Betty Barrand       380 450
Latest News following the October Parish Council meeting

Changes to Parish Council membership in October 2014

Funding of the Under 8s football team from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Recycle Credit Scheme - see below

Do any of these names mean something to you? ….  Robert Atkinson, Wilfred John Gaul, James Fred Gospel.

These are the names of men who were born in Wilberfoss and who served their country and died in the Great War but their names do not feature on our village War Memorial.  We have received a request to rectify the situation and we are in agreement in principle but we would like to encourage any family members of the deceased to come forward so that we may include you in a ceremony to mark their addition to the memorial.  Likewise, if anyone is aware of anyone else who was born in Wilberfoss and who served and died in any war, then we would encourage you to come forward too.  Please contact the Parish Clerk, Sarah Wills on 01759 380123 or sarah-wills@supanet.com

Latest News following the September Parish Council meeting

Well done to Wilberfoss in Bloom who received a GOLD award in this year's judging. This is a fantastic honour and reflects the countless hours of work undertaken by WiB around the village.  Well done to all concerned and thanks for all the hard work!